Sneaky Koko…

Zlatko always calls us whenever I haven’t posted on the blog for a little while.  Sometimes when we have had a bit of a hectic schedule and the blog gets neglected, I will wait for the phone to ring.  Within seconds, Tomis will tell me to get off my bum and get to writing haha.  I love that call 🙂  This time I beat Zlatko to the telephone though;  I am a little disappointed though hahaha.

Ornella… we are VERY glad to hear you are doing well 🙂  It made me very happy to hear you were awake and already had a sense of humor 🙂  BRAVO!!

So in the time that lapsed between posts, Tomis and I decided to start looking for a home.  That means we will take on a mortgage and gain equity on something that will earn value with time.  There probably won’t be a better time to do it than now.  HOPEFULLY we get approved for a loan, and we can get an offer on a home before the new housing credit expires.  Keep your fingers crossed for us… 

We will go out tomorrow with our real estate lady and I will make sure to post pics of what we see.  You can let us know which ones you like 🙂

PUSA!!!!  Zlatko… I may intentionally not blog for a few days to get you to call 😉

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One Response to Sneaky Koko…

  1. ornella says:

    Hihihi…I now,Zlatko call every single time when you dont writte a few days…and then Stefica told him that is soooo boring because you have a lots of job and dont have tima every day for blog…but,he is happy when he calls you and Tomis….and,that is good reason…hihi…thx for best whises for me…I feel ok,for few days I will be like new !!! Good luck with shearcing a new house !!!!!! I hope that you understanding everything,because my writting of english is terrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many love from me and everybody else !!!!!!!

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