$137 for 15 days…

I am going to challenge myself.  Last month I made my 401K elections– 10% of my pre-tax income will go into Tomis and my retirement fund every paycheck.  It is a great plan, and eventually Chase will start to match my contributions.  We now have our credit card debt down low enough that we don’t have to put such a significant amount into them each month, so we can start building up our savings account a little bit. 

The only bugga-boo is that 10% for later is 10% we cant spend NOW haha.  So my paycheck was slightly lower this go-round.  Since Tomis and I are hoping to be moving in the coming months, we are trying to get a little bit of a buffer fund set-up to hedge against some unexpected expenses… like paying someone bigger than me to help lift our thousand pound television hahah. 

So that brings us to this month.  With the investment in retirement and the upcoming expenses our fund until the end of the month is a little smaller than usual.  Of course we have some savings to kick in if needed, but we would rather keep that available for what’s to come.  Therefore, we are challenging ourselves to make this money stretch as far as it will go.   We have fifteen days…

DAY 1:
$15 worth of a HUGE pot of pasta. 
**What we gave up… Starbucks coffee, lunch and beer at a pub, golf. 
**What we did instead… Instant coffee at home in the sun, Tomis kicked the ball around outside, Koko exercised in the house.
**  How happy we are on a scale from 1-10… 10 🙂

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