House Hunters…

So here is the status of our house hunting adventures.  There was one place that we put an offer that we were really excited about.  Our offer got accepted, and we even put $1000 down to make it official.  Our loan was still pending, so we didn’t have our hopes too high.  Finally, on Monday morning, our lender gave us a call and said that we are approved for the loan– Congratualtions, we are a few signatures from being homeowners. 

However, the night before I had asked Tomis a question about our budget and if he was comfortable with how much our monthly allowance would be.  A long discussion brought to the surface that neither of us really wanted to have the majority of our money going to a mortgage, especially with no reserve fund in case one of us lost a job.  So, we backed out of our offer. 

We got back together with our real estate agent and set tighter boundaries in terms of what we were willing to spend and started the search again.  It didn’t take us long to find something that we like.  We would like to put an offer on the table, but we have a small hiccup… the listing agent won’t pick up the phone.  We would both love to be able to get an agreement together before the end of April to be approved for the new housing credit, but that seems like a stretch.

In other news, I have been a little bit under the weather lately.  Nothing to cause concern, but I did miss a day and a half of work so I am concerned about my numbers.  I will just have to work really hard tomorrow and until the end of the month.  

… Zlatko 🙂  I am still waiting to hear the phone ring 🙂 🙂  It makes me happy to hear Tomis talking to you!  It reminds me he is still a little boy in a lot of ways 😉

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