Little Black Dress(es)

Sorry about the long lapse. Tomis and I have been trading off a cold for the past month and nights in our home have been nothing but coughs and sniffles. Now we are a symphony of coughs and crackling voices. We sound like two old ladies who have smoked a pack a day together for the past fifty years.

Honestly though, we haven’t had the best streak of luck lately. We ended up not getting the condo. Long story short, the agent we were working with changed the agreement at the last minute after we had already taken many steps to secure our contract. We had to accept that maybe being homeowners was not in the stars for us… at least not this year. We renewed our lease at our apartment, which luckily we love, and will just continue to make smart decisions with our money until there is another dream to chase.

In the mean time, we have put our quest to pay off our credit card debt on hold while we lick our wounds and just enjoyed this month as though we were royalty (well, royalty that eats fast food and doesn’t check the bank statement religiously haha). Today we went shopping and bought some clothes. Tomis got me to buy an overly sexy black dress and had me model it once we got home. Taking advantage of my husband’s good mood, I suggested he put on a black dress to match me and walk with me around our building.

… I’ll let you guess whether he actually did it or not, but I will say that today I have laughed harder than I have in a very VERY long time 😉

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