Lovely Days Off

Oh goodness.. alcohol 🙂 Tomis and I both have Wednesdays off, and coincidentally Stanfords has half off bottles of wine on Wednesdays! They have a pretty decent happy hour menu too. Calamari, burgers, quesadillas, ribs, fries, and just all sorts of yumminess. We spent awhile there drinking and talking before heading home to watch American Idol. Now I know that most guys are afraid of the perception that they receive any joy from watching American Idol (my husband included) but Tomis shocked me today when he said, “Honey, American Idol starts their tour in Portland Oregon! I would like to see that.” Whoa. This from the man who spent a season throwing an absolute fit every Tuesday and Wednesday when I watched it haha.

Side note: Thank you to Doodle and Tomis for not killing Moosh and me for buying matching and extraordinarily expensive leather jackets 😀 Never had a leather jacket before and I LOVE the one I have now. You will have to ask Tomis the dumb (but sweet) thing I did to make him not kill me for my purchase 🙂 But I will give you a hint…

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