I had three days off in a row. God it was wonderful. I didn’t do anything that is worth telling a story about, but I got tons of sleep and got some reading in.

Tomis and I are doing a little dreaming right now. After evaluating our loss on the condo we had an offer on, we came to realize that it is probably a good thing that we didn’t get it. Financially, it would have paid off after maybe 6-7 years, and we think it is probably a better idea to just stuff money under the mattress for awhile and dream big for later.

At the moment Tomis is watching a movie with lots of guns and I am doing a little budgeting. There is a giant tray of cookies I just baked sitting on the counter and we are both stuffed from havings eaten burgers and Chinese cabbage salad. The sun is shining (FINALLY) and the day has come to a beautiful end…

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