Driving with the windows open

Having a camera in your purse is sometimes a good thing. When you are mentally oblivious to stupidity and have a sense of humor that has put many in a grave, having a camera in your purse can be a bad thing. Silly, silly things have been done at the prospect of having those things captured on film. On the way home from dropping off Pookie and one of his friends from a movie tonight, I had the notion that taking a picture of myself as the wind blew through my hair while Tomis was driving was a “good” idea. I mean, in the movies actresses always look so gorgeous when the wind rustles their hair. I think I found out today why they are movie stars and I am alas, just as investment banker 😉 Doesn’t sound THAT stupid, right? Well, when Tomis (again, he was driving) saw me having so much fun shoving my head out the window to take pics, he wanted to do it too. Luckily, we are both alive and laughing that his attempt at self-photography consisted of him popping HIS head out the window while driving, and then having the wind shut his eyes haha.

“Julia Roberts”

“Tom Cruise” in Eyes Wide Shut

“Catherine Zeta Jones”

“Angelina Jolie” Walk of shame…

… who am I kidding, “Babe” the world’s happiest pig.

“Megan Fox” doing her best impression of Donald Trump’s comb-over

… just us haha

Stefica, I TRIED to get a nice one of your son, but he is impossible.

Even with my head safely inside the car, the damage has been done.

“Harrison Ford” after eating sushi with attitude

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One Response to Driving with the windows open

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    Creazy Papeci !!!!!!!!!! hhihihi

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