Nice pressed suit and flip flops

Oh dear… idiot Koko strikes again. So Guinness got a burst of energy while Tomis and I were standing outside talking to our upstairs neighbor. Guinness seemed so happy running around that I decided to play with him. I ended up chasing him around a tree. I think somewhere in the fury there was confusion over who was chasing who and we ended up colliding. Guinness went one direction and I landed right on my bum. Still sitting on the ground, I looked at my stupid toe in my stupid flip flop, and saw my stupid blood flowing out of my toe. The first thought I had was, “how the hell am I supposed to get this bloody mess into a shoe on Monday.” After sopping up the mess and bandaging my toe, I got on my phone so send the stupidest text message of my life to my boss… it went like so. “I busted up my toe and may have to wear a flip flop to work on Monday… is that okay?” response: “That should be fine. Did you stub it?” reply: “No. I was chasing the dog and fell on my bum. No idea how I hurt my toe. :-/”

*sigh* Some banker I am šŸ˜€

Meet my stupid toe…

Texting my boss because my toe is stupid.

Guinness should be begging forgiveness but Ithink he is laughing haha

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