Driving Miss Ko

Pookie has his drivering permit now, so little Miss Ko smelled an opportunity… time to teach the little brother the art of being a designated driver haha. We drove to Sokol-Blosser to visit Tomis while he worked (no, I didn’t indulge in wine THIS time). It was quite the drive for Pookie on his first outing with me. In total the drive was a bit over an hour one way, with hills, highways, and country roads. I was very proud of him– he did very well 🙂 Excellent chauffeur.

The rest of the day we lounged. First was to get the child a haircut; he had a next of fuzz on top of his head that had gotten wildly out of control. After that we went to the grocery store to print some pictures for Moosh and to pick up some munchies so we could tan by the pool. Surprisingly there were very few people basking in the sun as the weather today was stunning. After maybe an hour of sun baking Tomis got home from work and we all headed out to watch Twilight, New Moon. Of course, Tomis was vocal about hating the flick, but I thought it was okay… maybe a bit cheesy, but it had enough good moments to make it worthy of the fifteen dollar popcorn splurge.

Now, I am in my papasan with the laptop in my lap. The cat is meowing at the window waiting for Tomis to get back from McDonalds, and Guinness is passed out on the couch like he ran a marathon (lazy dog).   Tomorrow, back to the grind… but I have Wednesday AND Thursday off this week so at least I can relax 🙂


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