Tomis has some great perks at work, namely the people he gets to meet 🙂 One gentleman owns a sushi restaurant in Portland called Tanis and gave us a gift certificate that would treat us to about anything we could possibly order. As charming as the reastaurant was, Tomis and I (of course) brought our own personal charm to the table.






Work for Tomis and I has been good lately. We have both been in our new jobs for nearly a year now. September 8th will be our anniversaries. I know I have learned a lot, but still have a lot left to learn. Tomis is deep in the Summer wine season up in a beautiful vineyard, twirling and sniffing the days away 😉 What a glaring contrast from where we were last year. At this same time a year prior we were a single income family with a dog and a cat with barely any furniture. Now we are cozy in our apartment with two incomes and a very natural flow to our days. We can dream of vacations to come now that the grind is… well, grinding haha.

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2 Responses to SUSHI!!!

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh man, a gift certificate for sushi!? I’m jealous! I wish I met people who own sushi restaurants at work..

    Looks like you had fun! =)

  2. Thanks Lauren!! We did have a blast haha. Your blog looks amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter… will have to scoot through your recipes and try a few 😀

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