Ornella!! Let’s go shopping!!

Okay, so I dreamt last night that I was in baby blue jeep with the top down with Ornella (she looked FABULOUS!). We were on a mission… we needed clothes and shoes haha. Along the way we found all sorts of places to munch on appetizers; stuffed mushrooms, mussels, nachos… all lovely caloric foods. While munching we complained about how the treats would make our butts big, and then went to the mall to buy thigh high boots and low cut shirts hahaha. At the end of the day we day coffee while our husbands complained about what we spent, and we rolled our eyes 🙂 It is an omen Ornella… you, me, and our husbands credit cards!!!! Let’s DO IT!!

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One Response to Ornella!! Let’s go shopping!!

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    hhihihihihihi…that is fantastic dream !!!!!!!! Come to Croatia and will be for real !!!!!!!!!!!!! And We will be verrry happy….except our husbands !!! hihihihi But,you can eat enything calories but me….many love from me to you !!!

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