For a year Tomis and I have been working. We finally took a week off together. A little less than halfway through the vacay, we are still just resting. Poor Tomis still has a sore mouth from his laser gum sugery and wisdom teeth removal but he is slowly able to eat solid food again. Our blender has had a good run of smoothie and milkshake making and I am sure it is ready to retire for at least a few weeks. The local grocery stores can now cut back on their soup and ramen orders as well, because soon there is going to instead be a high demand for steak with my husband’s teeth on the mend.

I can’t speak for where the rest of our days off will put us, but so far we have a living room that is re-arranged and pretty, a spiffed up closet, clothes sent out to the drycleaners, and a kitchen and refridgerator that is organized and full of cooked leftovers. I could certainly enjoy another week off, but I think this one week will be more than enough to get me rested and back into the work groove.

Right now Doodle is off in Arizona. He is still nursing a broken jaw but he is being good-natured about it. Now everyone on my mom’s side of the family wants their jaws wired shut as well after hearing about Doodle’s tremendous weight loss. He went from 210 pounds to about 180… and is still losing. That is a lot of weight for a guy that is 6’3″.

Moosh and Pookie are doing well also. Pookie has finally put on some pounds. He is a whopping 137 pounds now at nearly 6 feet tall.

Tomorrow should be nice… Tomis has consented to letting me buy a faux bear skin rug for our living area. With three days of rain I am thinking about fireplaces and rain boots with Autumn just around the corner. A nice bearskin run will do well as Oregon waits for the sun to resurface again next year. We still have a bit of sun left to enjoy this Summer, and as I finish this post it has turned into a beautiful day!!

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