Senior Living

I hurt my back again. Once again, I hurt it doing nothing. Last year I reached for the remote control while sprawled out on the floor and consequently couldn’t move again for a week. This time, I just woke up and thought “uh-oh… here we go again.” On the upside, it isn’t nearly as bad as it was last year but I still look like someone shoved a flag pole in my backside and my back feels like a rock to the touch.

So Tomis and I look like a pitiful duo on our vacation. Tomis with his mouth making him look like a stroke victim and me needing a walker to get around haha. At 27 and 33 years old, we are the oldest young couple you will ever encounter. We didn’t let it slow us down though. Today I insisted on going to Ikea to get a sheep skin rug for our newly reorganized living room (I hear that Stefica has the same problem as I do in constantly needing to redecorate… you are in good company, I got the habit from my mom 🙂 ). Our animals are probably the most thrilled with the new decor. Guinness immediately claimed the soft and fluffy carpets as his own. Lucky us… our comfortable floor attire will smell of dog haha. Visitors have been warned..

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