mmm mmmm mmussels!!

It is 2:40 in the afternoon and I have Chardonnay chasing mussels in jalapeno chardonnay cilantro butter sauce into my tummy…

Tomis and I dropped by Whole Foods today to pick up some organic mouth wash we ordered to help restore his gums. On the way to check the aisle to see if it arrived we were delighted to see that Whole Foods carries fresh mussels! Coincidentally I had being looking at different recipes for steamed mussels on-line and had a recipe waiting to be tried.. mmmm mmmm MMMMMM, did it end up being good.


Those are eyes that want to munch!!



We stuffed ourselves full with two pounds of mussels and a loaf of fresh bread in our marvelously cozy living room 🙂 Crazy Koko..




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