Last day of vacay…

*Sigh*  Both Tomis and I are back to work tomorrow.  I am disappointed to the tune of three chocolate pastries (that at least I cooked myself) and a plate of pasta.  If there was an extra large pizza in front of me with an inch thick chocolate chip cookie within arms length, I would eat them too!!

At least my usual day off is Wednesday, so going back to work on a Tuesday is kind of a joke haha.  Tomis has Wednesday and Thursday off so our transition back into the grind will be gradual.  I for one am already thinking about when I can use the remaining of my vacation days… I have five days left that I get to strategically place throughout the remainder of the year.

So this is what it is like to be a grown-up… living for the 2% of the year where your hard work makes sleeping in feel so sweet.  I miss the days of being an awkward teenager… I may have had funny hair and arms too long for my body, but I had all that with a few months of Summer vacation!!

Well… one day a vacation will put Tomis and I in Croatia where I can smell the Adriatic and compare it to the Pacific, and taste all the yummy foods that Tomis tells me about with a family that I have only seen pictures of so far… but I love them already.  THAT thought certainly makes work not feel so bad 🙂

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