Tomis gets an unwanted facial

Last night I had a glass and a half of vino… sadly, that was enough to get me tipsy and silly.  In addition to my proclamations of love to Tomis every five minutes I decided it was important that Tomis hydrate and moisturize his skin 😀  So I locked him in the bathroom with me and barricaded the door.  Much to his protest I covered him in eye cream and moisturizer and then spritzed him with facial mist.  I still can’t stop laughing at him begging me to be let out of the bathroom, but I wouldn’t allow it until I felt his skin was suitably cared for hahahahahaha.  This morning he admitted to me that his skin felt soft and supple.. but I get the feeling the next time I have some vino he will do a better job staying away from the restroom so I can’t assault is face haha.  Poor Tomis 🙂

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