Tomis and the big 33- HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Last night after I got off work Tomis and I had big plans to go to Moosh and Doodle’s for a big family birthday dinner. All the regular players were there… Joel, Pookie, Eva and Carol, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Chuck, and Pookie. I ordered a specialty cake from one of my coworker’s wife with a Caddy Shack theme 🙂 As soon as I was off from work Tomis and I headed over to pick up the cake and then went straight to Moosh and Doodle’s.

The cake was spectacular! Megan Zampko (Sweet and Sassy Sweets) carved a gopher out of rice krispies and covered it in candy to sit on top of the cake. There was a golf ball sitting right on top of its head… so adorable.


Tita Sallee just missed the party by a few hours. She came from California to visit but had to leave yesterday around 3pm to get to the airport. She was disappointed that she couldn’t stay but we enjoyed having her here! One of the first things she said to me was “I have never seen Koko so white.” haha, she is 100% right, this Oregon weather has stripped me of all my color and now I am pale as a ghost, where I used to have year round tan lines.


Pookie is always hungry for hugs from Doodle, so he asked me to get a picture of him getting a hug 🙂


… my brother should be institutionalized


Tomis and Eva chit chatting about politics and cartoons 🙂


Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Chuck, and Turd 🙂 There are all sitting across from Tomis and Eva talking about Doonsbury and our blog 🙂 Uncle chuck made a funny about Tomis’s recent facial 😉


Tomis proudly holding the 33 flag from his cake!!


You can’t see it, but Pookie and I are both sitting on Tomis’s lap 🙂 I think this may be my new favorite picture.


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