Race for the Cure: Kids with Type II Diabetes

There are times you need to be proud of where you work. Chase regularly invites their employees to engage in community events and I was proud to walk with “JPMorgan Chase & Co” across my back with my officemates and 7000 other people supporting kids with type II diabetes. The turnout was spectacular. It was inspiring to see so many people turn out just to walk together to not only donate their time and money but to draw attention to a cause.

My manager Aaron, his wife Ada, one of our tellers Roci (with her dog Pinky), Tomis and I all walked proudly together to support the search for the cure!! I have walked many miles in my life, but these three miles will stand out for the admirable company and the exemplary purpose. We snapped a few photos of the day to share with you!

Chase booth


Roci and Picky

Beginning of the walk


Me and Tomis’s chin

I don’t know why there was a giant red pear there… but it was a good dancer and very entertaining!

I don’t know how a car pulled into the walk… but there she is haha.


That dog was a beast haha!

Me, Ada, and Aaron

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