oh my god… I said “oh my god” to a priest

Today was… tiring haha. I took home all my customer stories, but luckily most of them were funny. For example, I grabbed a customer out of our lobby that looked familiar to me. I asked him if I knew him from somewhere and he asked me if I have ever been to St Cecilia’s Catholic Church… my response? “Oh my god.. you are the priest there!” What thought went through my head right after, you ask?? “Oh my god… I said oh my god to a priest. Jesus Christ Hanako, what were you thinking. Great, now I just thought Jesus Christ.” Luckily for me the priest was a funny guy and starting ribbing me about needing to go to confession. It is good to know people in high places I suppose, but my goodness, I felt like I had the weight of the ten commandments on my back. I did my duty and chastised him for not wearing his priest’s collar and tricking us common folk… his response was simple, “what? it’s my day off”. hahah… it is good to see a priest with humor.

Another customer I had tricked me as well. She was wearing a blue tooth that her hair covered. In the middle of doing some general servicing, she looked right at her purse and said, “Hello.” I didn’t know what to think about it, she may have had a puppy in there or something. I looked right at her purse and said, “hello purse.” About three seconds of eye contact filled with confusion and we both started cracking up. She admitted to having a bluetooth in her ear and I admitted to thinking she was a nutty lady who talks to her handbag. Our conversation from there got more and more silly, but it was a great time.

Now Tomis and I are watching the soccer commentators from Scotland and Canada play a d*ck measuring game. Men make me laugh… anything with balls and they are hooked. Tomis is watching me type and I am sure he is saying a silent prayer to any god that will listen to save my soul, but he has a big smile on his face 😀

Seriously though… I think Sundays may be made for mass from now on. I will look up the schedule and Tomis and I will go…


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