The Smell of Holidays



The weather has turned chilly and the evening darkness visits earlier every day. Gone are the vibrant orange and yellow smattering of soft leaves pillowing your feet as you walk outdoors, welcome the crunch of brown layered high enough to touch your ankles as if the spring is bidding you adieu. Soon the night air will be filled with the smell of fireplaces burning in hearths and windows will be gently cracked to let out the smell of hearty soups made to warm the body after short and cold days, almost as an apology that the sun’s warmth isn’t available to do its duty. Sweaters and jackets are starting to creep their way into the laundry basket and soon the bbq menu of the Summer will hibernate through a few seasons. I will look forward to putting an extra blanket on the bed and using the oven and stove to warm our home with smells of winter… spiced stews, pasta and red wine, Christmas cookies, and green tea to warm you before you sleep. I only have one goal today.. to welcome the season with a new addition to my army of kitchen paraphernalia: a slow cooker. I see thick stew with dumplings in giant steaming bowls at the end of tonight, and bbq pulled pork to get us through the week. I can smell the holidays coming 🙂

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