Wake-up… sleep some more..

I didn’t do anything monumental on Saturday. There was nothing that happened yesterday that I will remember in a year… or probably even by tomorrow, but I was so exhausted that last night I slept 13 hours. Instead of waking up rejuvenated I woke up feeling the need to take a nap. After a glass of tea and a nice chat with Tomis, I fell asleep again for two hours. The weather has turned “Oregon” as of yesterday, so I wonder if that is the reason for my heavy eyes. Those that know me would probably pay good money to see me quiet, Tomis says I can record an hours worth of yapping on a 15 minute cassette. Anyway, hopefully after a good night’s sleep I won’t be such a zombie for tomorrow 🙂 If not, let’s just hope Starbucks is ready to pour me their most caffeinated brew in the morning!!

In the meantime, I will see if I can get a back rub out of Tomis 😉 So long as I am quiet while soccer is on I am sure I will get my way.


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