Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!! I love it when Halloween lands on the weekend. It never seems fair to all the little kids out there when they have to sit in school all day waiting for night to come where they can engage in naughty antics and candy munching!!

This year Tomis and I are playing it really low key. We are sitting in our living room watching a Bond marathon while my Spicy Beef and Potato stew simmers in red wine, tomato sauce, onions and garlic. The smell is intoxicating, and Tomis and I are licking our lips waiting to see if it will taste as good as it smells. Just two and a half more hours. Between here and then we should have handed out at least a bag of candy and watched two Bond flicks.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun. We spent the night before playing a game where we put each other in strange positions and had to hold it as long as possible. Of course, we took pics. In the evening we went to Moosh and Doodle’s and ate their entire cheese supply, drank beer and margaritas, and giggled as Moosh inadvertently made outlandish sexual innuendos. Between Tomis and I, Philip, and Doodle, Moosh had us all in stitches. Doodle actually fell to the floor with tears running down his face laughing. My family is a little clan of live-savers. I think the silliness that we all enjoy as a group keeps us all individually sane. Well, maybe except for Doodle– Pookie took a picture of his own nipple while Doodle was playing tennis with Philips and made it dad’s mobile background. What’s worse is Doodle doesn’t know how to change it haha. I think soon Pookie’s devilish ways will surpass me… but he is young still 😉

Tomis’s first yoga position

I didn’t put him in the position… he got over-stretched from the first position and was rubbing his thigh haha.

I DID put him in this position though 😀

Never will you see someone happy to have their finger in their nose… geez Bunny haha

Spam and eggs benedict. Looks pretty… but what you can’t see if the charcoaled bottom of the eggs hahahaha. That’s what I get for asking Tomis to cook for me 😉

Dew covered leaf on the ground… was too pretty not to take a pic

Bush outside of the grocery store. How beautiful is that! You would swear is was in a field next to a brook… not in a concrete planter!

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