What a violation… Tomis and I both had our e-mails hacked.  I am so sorry to any family and friends who received e-mails that appeared to be from me with links that could not be opened.  I don’t know if the messages were actually sent from my email or if an entirely new email was created under my name and my address book imported.  What kills me is that I have former and current bosses on my list, college mates, family, professional links, etc.  I supposed I could try to see the haha value of my old boss at CSULBs disabled students office getting an e-mail from me recommending viagra to him… geez.

In other news, Tomis has a good lead for a job.  The interview is around the corner, but we won’t jinx anything by talking about it.  Keep your fingers crossed though!!  I may have something on the horizon as well, but I will share that later if it turns out to be good.   This situation is eerily familiar to where Tomis and I were a little over a year ago when I was working at Abercrombie and Fitch and Tomis was on the job market… kinda cookie cutter, actually.  That is all we will say about it for now though.

So tonight Tomis and I watched Avatar while eating chicken finger, avocado and swiss sandwiches.  I just asked Tomis to make me some tea since it is so cold outside (I tell him he makes it better than I do… but really, I just don’t want to have to wait in the kitchen for the water to boil.  shhh!!)  He just finished telling me if I don’t drink it he will pour it over my head.  I have a tendency to ask for tea then forget that it is sitting beside me.  Inevitably, Tomis will look at me with irritation and I will have to try my best to look innocent and lovable to get myself out of trouble.  It is a familiar dance that I love 😉

Tomorrow Tomis and I have dinner with friends.  We are looking forward to what we are told is the best spaghetti ever.  I wouldn’t be surprised… I have seen what this woman can do with a cake and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had spaghetti crafted into the shape of a cherub, spitting meatballs out of it’s mouth into a bowl of marinara.


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