When kids make you want to have kids

Last night Tomis and I had dinner with friends.  A spaghetti feast with wine and whiskey haha.  The couple we dined with had three amazing little boys.  They were  so incredibly animated and well behaved.  Before we sat down to eat I started picking up some jumbo legos off the floor and all of a sudden I hear a high-pitched little boy’s voice asking, “you want some help?”  The little boy took chivalry to the next level… weighing maybe 40 pounds he valiantly picked up a box of legos avout  1/3rd his size and placed it on the top shelf of the closet for me.  My jaw about hit the floor as I thought to myself, “there are 40 year old men who haven’t learned to do this.”  After dinner I was sitting in front of an empty plate when I hear another little voice come from about two and a half feet off the floor innocently ask, “Are you done eating? Can I take your plate for you?”  This child who could barely see the top of the table waddled away with my plate precariously in hand and put it in the sink for me.  Within a few minutes I had the third child sitting in my lap showing me cards and watching in quiet amazement as I just shuffled the cards.  In previous posts I have mentioned my ovaries go into birth control mode watching children of my customers scale my cubicle wall and try to stab me with pens and look up my skirt.  The children from last night restored my faith.  It made me want my own little clan of kids who I can mold into tiny wonderful people.

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