Therapeutic furry beasts

Oh how small furry things can bring you peace.  Every night whilst my mind churns with work nonsense Duchess the cat jumps on my chest as I lie in bed desperately trying to think of brick walls or fields of flowers to quiet my mind.  She starts to purr and rubs her little face against my hands then falls into a peaceful slumber.  Petting her soft little head often puts me to sleep.  If that doesn’t do it, Guinness the dog will walk into the bedroom; enter the comic relief.  That gas-filled beast will curl up in Tomis’s spot, let loose a silent but deadly, look at me like “what are you going to do about it?”  then puts his head on the pillow to sleep.  If THAT doesn’t calm me into a blissful slumber, eventually Tomis will saunter in the room to go to bed.  Unbeknownst to him that the dog just farted on his side of the bed, he will curl up next to me and start to snore like a tractor.  Bet he would try to sleep with his mouth closed if he knew the havoc the dog’s colon produced while he sleeps 🙂  As a last resort, I kick all the furry animals out of the bed, except Tomis, and shove myself against my snoring angel of a husband and slap him around then quickly pretend to fall asleep before he starts to snore again.  This will happen multiple times before I actually get to sleep, and Tomis is none the wiser 😉    Eventually I will fall asleep before Tomis figures out that it isn’t his imagination that things poke him awake and the world is a beautiful place 🙂

Good night!

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