Adding some ZEN to the workplace

If you have a job that has even a modicum of stress I found a way to moderately circumvent some of it… get yourself a fish!  Dentists and doctors offices often have large fish tanks.  I believe they did a study some time ago that showed that the addition of the fish tank relieves the tension of the waiting patients.

Now, by no stretch of the imagination did my fish grace my desktop to be my new partner in crime, but that is certainly what he has become.  When someone sneaks up to that thin line between “rude” and “monumental a*hole” while conversing with me, I calmly wait until they leave my desk, look over to Billy (who never fails to be looking at me) and say, “I know Billy, he was a douche.”  He will blow a bubble in acknowledgement and gracefully continue to swim in circles.

In all seriousness, I love having Billy at my desk.  He is a welcomed distraction and there really isn’t a way to justify being annoyed, upset, irritated, whatever, when you look into his bowl and see him just chilling.  I must admit, I was feeling a wee bit of the work blues for the past few weeks… but I feel a thousand times better now.  Hats off to you, Billy 😉


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