6am + Me = OMG

What possessed me to volunteer for a 6am work event is beyond me haha.  In my ever-present paranoia of tardiness I decided to forgo my morning cup of coffee and STILL ended up 20 minutes early haha.  For the first half hour of the event I was worthless, but eventually I got into the swing of things.  Honestly, I was more distracted by a cheese danish on the table than by sleepiness, but I came through.  I can’t say the same about tonight though… I am very sleepy.

Tomis’s had an interview today as well!  It went well, but of course there are some hoops to jump through before an offer will be extended officially.  Despite the successful interview, Tomis is still looking for job openings in the area.  In an economy like this it is best not to have all your eggs in one basket.  The next few months of posts should prove to be exciting as our lives swirl through this temporary flux.

Pizza and bread sticks capped off our night.  I had a dream about my mom yelling at me for eating a cheeseburger so I think my inner “me” is telling me to stop eating crap.  Starting Monday we will do a better job of eating soups and salads instead of pizza and cheeseburgers.  Okay… off to play with my hubby’s resume 🙂  Nite!!

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