Sweet Dreams Tea

Tomis and I have found a new habit… Sweet Dreams Tea 🙂  Chamomile, peppermint, and other healthy stuff.  It seems a little boogity-boogity to think herbs have magical powers, but the stuff works.  It is a really effective way to fall  asleep.  My mom used to always have some in the pantry at home but the memory evaded me on the nights I wanted something warm before bed.  Tomis had been making me green tea, but one day I was reminded by our branch’s financial advisor that green tea has caffeine… not too smart of me before trying to sleep haha.  So thanks to Eric, from us!!

I should also offer an apology to my dear financial advisor for scheduling him Saturday appointments on his day off.  Direct quote, “Hanako… did you really schedule me appointments on a Saturday when you have the day off??  You are such a ball-breaker.”  Opps 🙂  Tomis just shakes his head sympathetically for the poor guy… he above all knows what it must be like to work with me.

Anyhoo, the season has undeniably turned to Winter.  People are breathing clouds of white in the chilly air.  Noses are red and sick days are coming out of reserve.  I am starting to feel the tickle in my throat that usually means other unpleasant things are coming.  Lots of vitamin C and tea will be on the menu to make sure I don’t catch this thing fully.

And lastly, to anyone who is wondering… Billy the betta fish is happy and swimming around my desk.  He is a smart little guy.  He responds to my voice and always hangs out on the side of the bowl closest to me when I am at my desk.  What a character… I love that little guy!!

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