Welcome to Our Golf Course

It’s a Saturday morning… I have spent most of my week in a cubicle, and Tomis has spent most of his searching for jobs.  The weather outside is cold and crisp with hints of incoming snow.  The animals are sprawled out in various places in our apartment.  Avatar is on our big screen for what is probably the tenth time since we both first saw it.  Tomis and I are happy in our little kingdom but there is something missing… golf 😛

At the moment there is a coffee mug sitting in front of our laundry area as a makeshift golf hole.


Tomis is trying to convince me that the reason his swing is off is because he doesn’t have a magical line drawn on his ball. In order to prove to him that the magical line was not going to decide whether he is a good golf player or not, I picked up a putter and lined up my shot direct to the hole.



I would like to tell you I proved my point by sinking my put, but I was off by a mile haha.


SOOO, Tomis decided to show me how its done…


Of course, I wanted to get the ball’s perspective… so if anyone is wondering, this is exactly what the ball sees before he is putted towards the coffee mug.


And of course… Tomis gets closer then me to the hole.


…BUT, I always find a way to get the last word 🙂 🙂



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One Response to Welcome to Our Golf Course

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    Crazy people !!!!!!!!! We love you………..

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