Who is Brian Held??

Today was Pookie’s awards ceremony. He is a top swimmer in all of Oregon, and I was waiting for my moment to yell “THAT’S MY POOKIE!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO, GO POOKIE” as he stepped up to retrieve his reward. I was robbed of the opportunity. I had my ears perked waiting to hear, “Byron Held” in the long line of award recipients, but alas, they called “Brian Held” instead. When I realized they were calling MY brother, I only had time to yell “WOO” before they were on to the next kid. I was SOOOOO upset. I LIVE to torment my family, especially Pookie– and I was brutally robbed. Next time I know. Every time they call a “Brian” to the podium, I will hoot and holler for my Pookie until my voice runs out.

After the awards ceremony it was off to watch Harry Potter. Tomis and I kidnapped Pookie (who watched Harry Potter last night also) and sat down for two and a half hours to watch a really great movie. Tomis was a little lost since he didn’t watch all the other movies, but it was still great.

Thursday is Doodle’s birthday and Thanksgiving. Thursday is also a bank holiday so I will get to spend it with my family 🙂 It will be a great week!!

Pookie and Jacob before the ceremony

Tomis took a picture of me when I wasn’t looking. This is “the calm before the storm” look, as I wait to jump out of my chair yelling for my brother.

Pookie walking across the stage to get his award.

Half of Pookie’s face… covered by a bunch of swimmer girls 😉

Good night!! Lot’s of love to you all!!

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