Time to start another book

Since I have only worked at my job for a little over a year I am only afforded 10 days of vacation. I took five days off a few months ago and needed to allocate the rest of them before year’s end so I wouldn’t lose them. My European family is probably stunned that I only get ten days off a year… when I heard that in Europe you start with three weeks I started thinking that I may be living in the wrong country. Anyway, I had scheduled my remaining vacation days for this coming Monday through Friday, but unfortunately, I will be working Monday and maybe Tuesday too. I really shouldn’t complain though… a large portion of my paycheck is commission derived and a component of that is based off of multipliers. I am just inches away from the highest multiplier so it would make sense for me to suck it up and damn my vacation. I am not too pleased but it should be worth it if I can earn a bit more šŸ™‚

Well, I still have Wednesday-Sunday off. That means I can start reading a book without having to worry about staying up until the wee hours or the morning and waking up groggy for work the next day. Sadly for me, novels are for days off only.. I have no self-control when it comes to reading haha.

Now there are three episodes of NCIS waiting for Tomis and I to watch šŸ™‚ Goodnight!!

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