$1.44 for an apple?!

Hello again!! After a week’s worth of vacation where Tomis and I did just about nothing but enjoy movie marathons and eat goulash, we are BACK to the blog! Today I went back to work and had a decent day. It pretty much flew by since I had so many e-mails and other randomness to fill my time. When I got home Tomis had dinner ready for me (I had to threaten his manhood if he didn’t do dinner tonight though haha). He made one of our favorites… chicken strip sandwiches with munster cheese and cajun french fries. YUM! He even got me carrots from the store since I had a raging craving for them last night.

Anyway, today I wanted to play the “save money” game and brought my lunch to work. I stepped out once to grab an apple and a bottle of water. I was excited to have such a moderate, healthy, and cost effective lunch UNTIL I went to the self check-out to pay for my purchase. 95 cents for my water and $1.44 for an apple… an APPLE!! I was on the phone with Tomis as I paid and we both had a good giggle about it. At liquor stars you can buy an apple for a quarter haha. That will teach me… look at price tags before whipping out the debit card.

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