How to shut up your husband..

.. Fill his mouth with food 🙂 I know they say the way to a man’s heart his his stomach, but the way to mental sanity is mixed in there somewhere too hahahaha. Just kidding honey, I love you!!

Anyway, I have started to get creative with cooking again. I think the thing that started me down the creative food path was just opening my parent’s fridge and trying to figure out a way to make the odds and ends in there turn into a masterpiece. I would always start with the thing that was soonest to go off and then just figure out how to make it into something yummy. It’s kind of like decorating a room around a picture… but you can eat it 😉

Tonight the inspiration for the night’s meal really wasn’t all that exciting. I knew that we had spicy sausage in the fridge and I wanted to make sure it made it out before tomorrow. I chopped it up into tiny pieces and made a pasta sauce out of it. It wasn’t a culinary masterpiece or anything, but it was hearty. Needing garlic bread for the meal I decided to make good work out of the leftover sourdough bread and extra cheese we had. I sprinkled garlic salt on each slice, put some munster cheese over it, then added grated Parmesan on that… broiled it up, and VOILA! Not too shabby and super cost effective!!

And now for the piece de resistance… chili cheese fried plated up for the husband with chopped onions and jalepenos. Just look at how cute Tomis is curled around his plate 🙂 I love that man.

chili cheese fries and remote control… mmmMMMMMmmmm

Happy husband!!

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