Beware text messages from the Papec Household

So, Tomis and I had a little war today. One of our mutual friends got a text message seemingly from Tomis that read, “Sometimes I don’t wipe my butt. When it gets itchy, that is when I truly know I am alive.” In response, Tomis took my phone and sent a message to one of my cousins that read… I can’t even say what it read haha. I don’t think we will be playing that game any more as it is mutually damning.

Anyhoo… I am off tomorrow! That is probably why I have so much energy today. I always get an extra burst of energy when I know that I don’t have to work the next day. Typically I will sleep until just before noon, wake up groggy, and loaf around a bit with Tomis. It is a nice way to wind down 🙂

So stemming from last night’s post, I hit a goldmine with dinner tonight. Spaghetti burritos!! I took some leftover pasta from last night, grilled up a tortilla, but a slice of munster cheese in it, and then got to munching. Wow, it was delectable. I recommend!

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