My Sloppy Sloppy Husband

The conversation went like this…

Tomis: Bunny? Can you make me cheesy chips? I gotta go bathroom…

Me: Okay bunny.

five minutes pass….. Tomis is on the couch and I hand him his chips covered with red spicy sauce and a tub of salsa.

Me: Honey, you want to take off your sweater so you don’t make a mess of yourself? You are wearing a white sweater.

Tomis: Nah. I will be okay.

Me: I don’t think so… I will get you a bib.

I walk to the kitchen and grab a handful of paper towels



Tomis: This is what my mom does for my dad.

Me: So, I guess it’s true. Boys do pick girls like their moms. Am I like her?

Tomis: No, I am just like my dad.

Me: So your dad is a slob?

Tomis: Yes. He drips all over himself. Why do you think my mom gives him a bib?

Stefica… you are a good woman 😉

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