Spam, Everything Bagel, Ajvar, Garlic and Herb Cheese, Cheddar, Eggs over Easy


THAT up there is the reason Tomis and I are about ready to pass out. It was incredibly dense, awfully caloric, and sinfully yummy. We probably don’t have need to eat again but I am sure once dinner rolls around we will be munching something else.


How vicious does Guinness look?! I curled up his lip while he was sleeping this afternoon and he just left it there. Even with lethal fangs he is adorable.


Lastly, Billy with his freshly cleaned bowl. He is such a showboat swimming around in his bowl. We really love that fish. Every night he sleeps beside the bed with us, and during the day he gets moved out into the living room so he can hang out with us more. Believe it or not, the fish appreciates it!!

Happy Sunday!!

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