Mexican Jambalaya… who knew

Two years ago I had a catastrophe trying to make Mexican pasta. There was nothing that could be done to fix the terrible TERRIBLE taste and texture of the green sauce over noodles. Complete debacle… Yuck. Tonight, I thought I could tweak a recipe I already had and venture from a Mexican dish called chilaquiles to something a little more Creole. So, I added some sausage and very spicy cayenne pepper to the tomato chicken base and served it over chicken flavored rice. We had some biscuits on hand so those got plated as well. Finally, sunny-side up eggs on the side… nice and runny (YUMMMMMMMMMM)

Tomis was very skeptical… with his past experience with my culture crossing cooking, he had every right to be worried. But he gave me a big 5 out of 5 stars for my endeavor. Considering how long it took me to get it all cooked, he probably feared saying anything except that it was wonderful, but he went for seconds so I feel secure it was pretty tasty.

for lack of a better title… the Mexican Jambalaya simmering away on the stove.

Not as unhealthy as it looks 😉

Chinese Cabbage salad… I know I know… Mexican, Creole, and now Chinese..

Our tiny Christmas tree with ribbon and lights with a candle boat 🙂 I love this time of year. We will get a big tree soon enough, but it has been raining so hard we don’t know how to get it home without it being soggy.

Anyway, we would have posted last night but we got a real nasty computer virus. My two-finger typing husband was able to figure it out though… don’t ask me how, but whatever buttons he pushed worked. I love that man!

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