Adidas with Pookie

Pookie is on Christmas break and today was my day off so we kidnapped him before his swim practice. Moosh gave us a 50% off coupon to Adidas so that was where we headed. Adidas has some really really great gear. Pookie scored a pair of shoes and shorts for his Christmas present, Tomis got a soccer ball, and I got an Adidas bag 🙂 Soon after our shopping expedition we made a McDonalds run… Pookie and I were famished, and we had but fifteen minutes to get the child to his swim practice. 6 McChickens, a Big Mac, and three orders of fries later, Pookie was in the pool for a three hour swim practice.

As soon as Pookie was off swimming I got to wrapping presents. Not all presents have been purchased yet… Tomis and I are playing a dangerous game of procrastination, but before Christmas I will be back to wrapping again.

Alright, Tomis and I are going to enjoy a movie together before hitting the sack. Good night to all!!

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