Best Pie.. Best Grandma.. Best Hubby.. happy me :-)

Being seven weeks pregnant there are very few sights, smells, and textures that I can tolerate without feeling like I just got off an hour long episode on Disneyland’s teacup ride.  Thank god that Grandma’s blueberry pie is excluded from the endlessly long no-no list because it has to be one of my favorite desserts.  I don’t even like pie, so the fact that I drool over hers is just amazing.

Anyway… I would welcome any advice from any mother out there on how they managed their pregnancy nausea.  I have tried diet ginger ale, root beer, and crackers; I still feel a perpetual sense of motion sickness.  It is wonderful knowing why I feel so awful, but I would rather feel wonderful without feeling awful 🙂

I also just want to put out there what a wonderful husband I have.  He is treating me like a complete invalid, but it is lovely haha.  He wouldn’t let me fold the laundry, and he is ready at a moments notice to make a run to the grocery store if I need something.  So far I have sent him for ginger ale to ease a bubbly tummy, but no weird cravings to report yet.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I turned around and saw him walking behind me with  palm fronds and a pillow.  I think I have a very good daddy on my hands and I am infinitely grateful to have him… I will spend my life making sure I deserve him 🙂

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