Sending my husband after Ho-hos

OHHHHHHHH what a cruel thing to do to a husband.  Imagine that you have only had two and a half years to spend in a country… your childhood memories involve your own home country’s snack foods, cartoons, songs, customs, etc.  Of course the kiddie customs in your new country aren’t familiar to you because you weren’t a kid here.  Now imagine you marry a mean foreigner with a bad sense of humor, she gets pregnant, gets cravings, and sends you on a quest for “ho hos” and “ding dongs.”  Imagine having to ask store employees for ho-hos and praying to god you don’t get arrested, not fully believing that there are actual desserts with such an awful name.  My poor husband just went on a ho-ho quest for me and experienced just that…

I love my ding dong of a husband… and I KNOW he loves his little ho-ho 😉

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