Ultrasound Thursday

Saturday marked two months into my pregnancy. This coming Thursday I have an ultrasound… I don’t know the purpose of the ultrasound yet, but I do know we should be able to hear our baby’s heartbeat! Exciting! After the ultrasound we have my first prenatal appointment. I have no idea what will happen there either, but I will be excited to learn more about some of the upcoming changes. We have done a bit of reading but I still feel like I am in a fog. I would kill for a pregnancy buddy to talk to… you know, someone to drink hot chocolate with that can reassure me I am not crazy to want to wretch when I think of the smell of cooked green beans, broccoli, asparagus, etc. Apparently their are two other wives on Tomis’s soccer team who are also two months pregnant.. one of them with the same due date as me 🙂 I may try to track them down, but from what Tomis tells me one of them is having a dreadful first trimester. I feel for her… I have some crazy days myself, but I also get to enjoy some great ones. This past Thursday I had energy and was really happy, but Tuesday I felt like I hadn’t slept for years, then Wednesday I felt sick because I smelled onions everywhere. Such odd sensations, but so incredibly cool at the same time– I mean, my body is building a human!!

So Tomis and I are watching Avatar again for what has to be the 50th time. We just don’t get tired of this movie. We had some yummy sandwiches and chips, and we are basically done for the night. Tomis hurt his back a bit playing soccer so he is sitting in the papasan. Something about the cradling of the papasan makes it impossible to feel uncomfortable. That chair never goes without a body in it… sometimes three: me, the dog, and Tomis 🙂 In that papasan Tomis doesn’t feel his back.

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One Response to Ultrasound Thursday

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    We thinking on you dear Koko…and we love you…good luck tomorow…

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