Nine Weeks Pregnant

I feel so so sooooo much better than the previous weeks. I think I may be getting a lucky break here on the first trimester– I felt dreadful for a full three weeks but now I feel almost okay. I have moments, of course, where I am less than thrilled to smell something, but I am not constantly positioning myself near trash cans and hoarding crackers in ever pocket of my clothing anymore haha.

Thursday’s doctor appointment went well. Everything got cut a little bit short because Dr Krishna had to go deliver a baby. The appointment wasn’t really informative at all… Tomis and I left with as much information as we came with which disappointed us both, but I did get to hear my little Nuggy’s heartbeat. 181 beats per minute. It was cute 🙂 We even got to see where its little brain was starting to form… of course I had to crack on Tomis that the little brain came from him haha. Just so everyone knows, Nuggy is about the size of large grape… by next week it should be the size of a lime. We will post a picture of my little belly soon… it is starting to pop out ever so slightly.

We have a follow-up appointment scheduled Tuesday to finish the appointment that got cut short on Thursday. Tomis and I are considering cancelling and finding a new place for my prenatal care but I’m willing to see if round two gives better results than round one.

Stay tuned… I am not feeling so gross any more so the blog will get the appropriate amount of attention again!

Side note:
Gladna sam (I’m hungry)…. I looked that up on-line last night. I know Stefica cooks amazingly, and I have heard rumors that we will be getting a visit here in 2011 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I promise Stefica… I looked up more phrases than that, but that was top of the list 😉

Volim te
Gdje (let me tell you, that one isn’t easy for me to say)
to je moja kobasa

Hopefully the list get’s longer soon 🙂

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