Future Branch Manager šŸ™‚

The first week of November I applied for a promotion. After not hearing anything for well over two months I honestly didn’t think that a promotion was still in the cards for me… but apparently it was šŸ™‚ I am very proud to say that starting in March I will start training to become a branch manager for one of the largest and most financially sound institutions in the world. I had the pleasure of being a banker for a little over a year and now I am ready to move up and on. I am thrilled. Completely and totally thrilled. I will sorely miss my coworkers, but I already know who I am keeping in my pocket for the rest of my life.

Tomis will find out tomorrow if the position he applied for is going to be his next adventure in our lives. If not, big deal, there will be something else… but I know that no one is better than my bunny. In most cultures they say that a baby is a blessing that comes with other blessings. I think that this baby is just that and much more. Hopefully it will be its daddy’s little good luck charm like it was for its mommy šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see its adorable little face.

I wish I could put video on the blog to show you what is going on right now… I borrowed a laser pointer from a coworker and we are tormenting the cat with it. All you can see right now is a red dot followed up a flash of white and brown zooming all over the living room. This is the most I have even seen our pudgy cat move!




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