Guinness takes mama for a walk

Guinness is a good dog. He walked me twice today. It was beautiful outside… the sun was out yet it was still cold and crisp. Everyone we walked past smiled. Children ran up to pet “the pretty puppy” and Guinness just wagged his little nub and let them pet him gently on the back.

Tomis is at work tonight. It is an adjustment for me to not have him here. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder though. Last night he worked as well and I missed him so much it was my absolute pleasure to make him chocolate banana pancakes before he went to work today. While he was out I had a little honey-do list, so I bought him a fabulous green tie for work with some new work shoes and a few shirts. All items were essentials, albeit maybe a little over-priced essentials, but essentials nonetheless (the poor man has to stand 10 hours a day, GOOD shoes are a worthy investment). I am really really proud of the items I selected, and I am even MORE proud that I didn’t buy the drop dead gorgeous handbag on display (Nuggy my dearest, that was for you 🙂 ). Instead, I bought Nuggy an avocado to add to the bbq chicken salad I had waiting at home. I also got some fiber bread for healthy sandwiches at work (got to crunch the budget since I went on a bender getting Tomis pretty clothes haha).

Alright, so now for the relaxing pics I took of mommy and Ginny’s day out…

Right outside our apartment

C’mon mom… stop with the camera already..

My shadow looks like a stone henge sculpture…

There was a squirrel somewhere… those are his “squirrel” ears

Home stretch

There is always time for a self-portrait


… long day for Ginny

Now… for the goodies I got Tomis. If you are seeing this before Thursday afternoon then you are seeing is before Tomis!

SHOES!! They have memory foam in them to make sure they are comfy all the time.

SHARP looking shirts and a FABULOUS FABULOUS tie. I love it so much. It is good to see a bit of color after the dreary winter

This shirt has some white specs in it so it will match all Tomis’s suits and ties. I think it was an absolute bargain. It doesn’t even have to be ironed.

Classic white shirt… for the very formal occasions.

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One Response to Guinness takes mama for a walk

  1. Ornella Poslek says:

    You are good wife. No,you are veeeeeeeeeery good wife.

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