Thank god I am off today

I have to say, it is a very good thing I am at home and not at work today. I am EXHAUSTED. It isn’t even five in the evening and I am watching the clock for when I know I can curl up and go to sleep. I accomplished a lot today so I suppose I can justify my sleepiness. I woke up and took Guinness for a long walk. Once again it was a beauty of a day. It was 51 degrees, the sun was shining so bright you had to squint through it, and everyones spirits were high. I found a new trail behind our apartment that takes you past a frozen rose garden… really cool. Once I was back at home I took a shower then headed out the door to return the shoes I got Tomis. He loved them (they were gorgeous) but they were a bit on the narrow side. One of the shirts was also a bit large so I exchanged it for a really flattering light blue (makes Tomis’s eyes pretty). With just two visits to Banana Republic it seemed as though all the ladies in the store knew me. I don’t know if that is a good thing but it was fun 🙂

After my Banana excursion I hit Trader Joes. I needed some good healthy food to feed Tomis and I. I found a whole lot of good deals then headed on home to make Tomis lunch before work. I made a spicy asian vinagrette with sesame seeds and mixed it into chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. It was really yummy. That with some hot dogs and Tomis was set to go.

About half an hour after Tomis and I munched our lunch I had a doctor appointment. I really don’t understand the point of all the appointments and I wish they would clue me in to what I am doing aside from peeing in a cup. I was literally with the doctor for three minutes. I did get to hear Nuggy’s heart though… 169 beats/min. Really cute. I didn’t schedule a next appointment yet; I have a few contacts with great things to say about their pre-natal experience and I am kind of interested to see if it could be informative and fun– I mean I am paying an awful lot of money for it so I might as well shop around.

NOW, I have been home for two hours. I need to get a load of laundry folded and another load washed, trek to the store to grab some kitty litter, and then make plans for a healthy meal for Nuggy. Sheesh… it is only going to get busier in my life.

Lastly, I was watching David Letterman interview Elton John last night, and David Letterman said (and Elton John agreed), “In any important way, your life doesn’t begin until you have a kid.” I am excited 🙂

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