Spam and Croissants

I have been a good girl today. I had a nutritious breakfast, I am working on drinking enough water, and I went on an incredibly cold walk with the dog… between doing good things I am resting on the couch. It feels amazing. At work I feel exhausted all the time, but at home when I have a chance to just slow it up without feeling guilty I just feel amazing; the way you should in your second trimester 🙂

Anyway, I killed my healthy streak a few minutes ago. Lunch time rolled around and I made myself a fried spam croissant. YUM. I mean, YUM YUM YUM YUM YUMMY! It is taking ALL my self control to not go in the kitchen to make myself another one. I blame Nuggy 😉 I think there is a motherboard inside of me and Nuggy is pressing all the buttons with its adorable little fingers and giant head. I can think nothing but SPAM CROISSANT haha.

Alright… I am going to shut my eyes for a few minutes before I take a quick shower and bake some cookies. If I wake up with spam on the mind, I will just submit to Nuggy’s wishes…

I hope everyone has a spam moment today 🙂

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One Response to Spam and Croissants

  1. Shannon Hale says:

    Spam is only good because you are pregnant! Not because it is really good!

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