Tomis’s Head

Tomis and I have truly opposite schedules now. I work from morning until evening and Tomis works from afternoon until morning. That means that when Tomis and I see each other it is usually through sleepy eyes as one of us is getting in or out of bed. Last night I was worried about Tomis getting home because of the snow in Portland. I usually sleep lightly without him home so when he unlocked the door last night I was ready for my minute of quality time before passing out into a deep slumber. I lifted the covers for him to climb in, but once he was in he turned his back to me and fell asleep… really romantic, honey :-p Not one to be deterred, I grabbed his head with my two hands and fell asleep soon after. Apparently, I held onto his head and rubbed it like a pool cue for the next hour as I slept. Serves you right, Bunny. Next time give your wife a cuddle 😉

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