4 months pregnant!!

My stomach is barely popping out. I look slightly fuller, but no one would ever guess I was pregnant. Although visually the difference is slight, I can really feel it. When I sleep at night I tend to roll onto my stomach and every time I do it I wake up from the odd sensation that my insides are compacting. There is a little movement in there as well that I can’t quite place. I am not sure if it is Nuggy moving around in there or stomach bubbles from the chocolate milk and jalapeño cheese combo I just consumed, but it feels new to me… I would like to think it is Nuggy though 🙂

My pregnancy symptoms have subsided a bit as well. Maybe it is because I am in “training mode” at work instead of “production mode” that I feel less tired. I know it won’t be long until the pressure is back on but it is nice to have this time of lowered expectations. I am still a little sensitive to sights, smells, and tastes, but the list has dropped considerably… the desire to eat everything NOT on that list has replaced the desire to regurgitate lol. I am also in a new branch full of moms and it is wonderful to hear their stories, learn from their experience, and share my own.

Tomis has worked every night since Thursday. Of course, I miss him. Our schedules just don’t line up as nicely as we would like, but such is life. We will make it up when we are 60 lol. I’ll pre-purchase cruise ship tickets for us and the next time we have spare time it will be just like the first time we met 🙂 🙂

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