I Love My New Position

I know that I am still in the training aspect of my new position but I am absolutely loving it. I love when employees come up to me with a concern and I can help enrich their job, develop a solution, or just brain storm to help create a happier person. I love feeling as though I am in a team environment and I love the feeling that I have something to do with how well the team functions. I walked into a team that already had it together, but the opportunities I have been given to contribute have felt wonderful.

So just to get an idea for how my days have been… lots of conference calls, policy practice and observation, and a bit of travel. This past Monday I had to drive up to Tacoma (about 3 hour drive) to attend a class. With Tomis’s Marriott discount I was able to drive up the night before and enjoy a night of rest before a full day of class. The room service, cable television, and king sized bed were spectacular. I can’t say I was terribly rested as being away from home (namely Tomis and Guinness) made the empty bed feel unnatural. I have another trip to Seattle scheduled for next week. I am hoping that Tomis has it off so that I can get a nice little mini break scheduled with him. I know it will only be the night and I will be in training the next day, but it would be fun to be in a new city together. I figure, we have to fit it in when we can… once Nuggy is here I am told we will have to kiss each other goodbye until high school graduation haha.

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