Trading in my sleeping husband for two new men…

With Tomis working nights and me working days we tend to really miss the best of each other. That’s why this has become the most common visual I have of my husband…


Because that is his current position, I am not to concerned about him killing me for posting this quite yet. It doesn’t matter anyway. I have decided to replace him with two men… I have had a relationship with them for quite some time now, and I think it is time to take it to the next level. Friends and family, meet Ben and Jerry..


haha.. I just ate half a pint of that lovely lovely ice cream. And of course, even though I joke, it isn’t as filling as a conscious husband lol. Staying with the same theme, I will just go ahead and come full circle with this post and show the pic I took this morning right before I headed out the door to work.


SOMEHOW, Tomis buried the dog under the blankets while he slept. It was too cute not to take a pic. This next pic is from last night. When I left Guinness on the couch to go grab a glass of water I returned to a dog with this face…


It was so funny I had to stifle my laugh in order to grab the camera without disturbing the kodak moment. And lastly, here is a picture of my bump. It is still small enough to hide in clothes, but it isn’t particularly easy to do.


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One Response to Trading in my sleeping husband for two new men…

  1. Shannon Hale says:

    YAY for baby bump!

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